1 home and a cloud of dust

1 home and a cloud of dust

Most folks have a few pictures on their walls, not us. Taller Half does not like any bare space on our walls, so every wall is enhanced with paintings, family pictures and other things that need a place to live.

Our house has no bare walls. In fact, some walls are rather overloaded with framed things. Yesterday when I got home from shopping, Taller Half had hung yet another object on a wall. It looks good, but now I am concerned about all that weight on our walls. When dust accumulates on wall hangings, it adds even more.

When our dark old furniture begins to look off-white, I have to apply my duster. After cleaning the furniture, I decided to remove a bit of dust clinging to the wall hangings. I thought I could just brush it off, not thinking where that dust would end up. The duster created a cloud of dust that flew all over the room, coating everything in its path. I had managed to create an even bigger mess. A good housekeeper would know how to prevent such a situation from ever happening, but I obviously lack good housekeeping skills.

My latest idea is to hire a good housekeeper. Sadly, Taller Half nixed that idea. Instead, he offered to switch chores. Because he does the laundry and runs the vacuum, his offer was not accepted.

Guess I’ll suffer along with my dusting chore. As awful as it is, it’s better than vacuuming or doing laundry. Perhaps we can think about replacing some of those wall hangings. Not likely, but it is a bargaining topic.

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