These years aren’t so golden

These years aren’t so golden

Some friends and I were discussing aging recently and came to the conclusion the golden years do not mean life necessarily gets better. It means aging will cost you a lot of your gold. Of course, the alternative to aging is not preferred.

To be honest, aging is expensive. Having to visit your doctors more often is not as fun as going to the movies or watching television, and medical care is not inexpensive. Given a choice, we would much rather sit on our porch with a glass of wine than spend our time and money on medical needs.

I remember my mother complaining about the old lady who moved into her mirror. Mom didn’t mind getting old, but looking old really upset her. So she decided to make the best of her situation. She became very demanding and super critical of those of us who did not respond promptly to her demands. So we got her a dog. Dogs make wonderful companions, and Mom was thrilled until that lovely pup tore up her favorite pillow. Suddenly, her canine companion’s destructive behavior put an end to their relationship, and she blamed us for picking a pillow-ripping dog.

Taller Half and I want to be much nicer than Mom. We already have two dogs who we love dearly and spoil shamefully. They are wonderful companions and have never torn up any pillows. We are all aging gracefully together, despite our pups’ occasional accidents on our rugs. Everyone has accidents, but Taller Half has now become the world’s best accident cleaner.

So my advice to aging humans: get a dog. They do require care and occasional cleanup, but they reward their humans with unconditional love and companionship. Unlike our children who now are busy with their own lives, dogs are always there for you. Plus, unlike our children, they never complain.

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