Winter should be ashamed of itself

Winter should be ashamed of itself

We are delighted to see the flowers blooming all around us. Unfortunately, in our gardens, nothing is blooming — not one thing.

We did have one daffodil bloom a week or so ago, but we had freezing temperatures that night, and that poor bloom died. Tomorrow, very cold temperatures with snow is on our weather forecast. To lose those promising buds at this time of year is totally heartbreaking and very possibly illegal.

Not only are our temperatures too cold for mid-April, but also our lawn and gardens are covered with a couple of inches of mud — squishy mud, the kind that sticks to dogs’ paws and people's shoes.

Our house is sick of muddy streaks on her floors, not to mention on her rugs. Taller Half wore out our rug scrubber and had to buy a new one. Those scrubbers cost almost twice as much as they once did. First COVID-19, then inflation. The sad fact is both of them are still here.

My brain is struggling mightily to hold onto the coming of spring. This was the first year we had to wear warm coats to go outside on Easter. The poor Easter Bunny had to trudge through snow and mud to bring many children their candy. Old man Winter should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for hanging on way past his exit date.

No matter, spring will make her comeback eventually. We are mightily hoping that will be before June. The good news is today we saw buds on several of our bushes and trees. Hallelujah!

The weather notwithstanding, it has been a great Easter — a lovely dinner with family and lots of hugs with family and friends. That is what is so great, spending time with those we love, and I hope everyone had a happy, safe, healthy Easter.

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