East Holmes student chosen for year-round study program

East Holmes student chosen for year-round study program

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Recently, Lily Miller, a sixth-grade student from the East Holmes Local School District, was selected to take part in the 2022-23 Kalamazoo Chinese Academy STARTALK Institute year-round student engagement program through Western Michigan University.

The STARTALK Chinese Institute is fully funded by a National Security Administration grant. This competitive application process involved an interview, a Chinese language skills assessment and letters of recommendation. This academy was offered to just 120 students nationwide, and only 60 students have been selected to attend the in-person two-week summer camp as a part of this program.

During this year-long Chinese Academy, students will meet virtually with their instructors for each semester of instruction. In July Miller will attend the camp at Western Michigan University.

Miller currently takes Chinese language weekly through East Central Ohio Educational Service Center’s Chinese language program. Her instructor, Holly Branch, meets weekly with her virtually as they build language proficiency and fluency. It is from this experience Miller was able to apply and be accepted into this STARTALK Institute.

“I get to learn about Chinese culture, and I like to learn how to communicate in a different language than the one I grew up speaking,” Miller said when asked why she enjoys learning Chinese. “I also think that the Chinese characters are really interesting in the way they tell a story with each character, and I want to get better at reading and writing them.

“I would love to visit China someday. I want to be able to speak to Chinese friends and see the way that they live. Some places that I would like to visit are Beijing, Taiwan and Chengdu. Maybe someday I will be able to use it in my job.”

Miller also enjoys singing and is excited to incorporate that love of singing into what she is learning in Chinese. She is looking forward to attending camp this summer in order to interact and engage with other speakers of Chinese. In the future she might like to learn French.

For more information about enrolling a child in a Chinese language class, call Michele Carlisle at 330-308-9939 ext. 8220.

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