NEW discusses leadership

NEW discusses leadership

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The Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Networking Empowers Women Roundtable was held April 14 at the Barn Restaurant in Smithville. A discussion on the topic of Leading with Purpose was facilitated by Marlene Eick.

The 20 women in attendance learned about the five stages of leadership and questions one should ask themselves as they think about their personal leadership journey.

“This roundtable discussion was such a wonderful use of my time,” Amy Davis of Shambaugh Cleaning and Restoration said. “I really enjoyed the topic and hearing others’ perspectives about their own leadership journey.”

“Some of the concepts in today’s training were familiar to me,” said Elizabeth Schuster, an environmental economist. “But what I love about roundtables, especially this one, is they provide the space to carve out time to think about where we are in our leadership path. And there was some great discussion today. The group was really engaged, and hearing other people’s comments got me thinking deeper about how it would apply to my situation.”

The Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce invites women interested in networking with other women in leadership positions for personal and professional development to participate in the NEW Roundtables.

On Friday, June 3, the Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce will host its first NEW Mini Conference at Quailcrest Farm north of Wooster. The focus will be Adding Value, Finding Purpose with keynote speaker Ashleigh Best, interim director of career planning at The College of Wooster. Information about upcoming NEW Roundtables and the mini conference can be found at

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