Spring Extravaganza Craft and Vendor Show coming

Spring Extravaganza Craft  and Vendor Show coming

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With spring knocking at the door, it might be a perfect time to open the windows, let in some fresh air and add some redecorating beauty to your home or office, and an upcoming event should be the ideal place to do just that.

The Spring Extravaganza Craft & Vendor Show, Our Hearts to Your Home Creations, will be presented at Clark Community Center on Saturday, March 26 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our Hearts to Your Home Creations will feature loads of crafts, plenty of food and door prizes. The spring event is a good time for people to get out, connect and fellowship in a place where their common interest in crafts should create a fun atmosphere.

For mother and daughter-in-law Donna Hart and Jennie Smith, the opportunity to bring people together to share their passion for arts and crafts was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the event.

However, it wasn’t the sole purpose.

According to Hart, they had been setting up at vendors at numerous shows in the past months and were dismayed by the high registration fees places were charging. After connecting with the CCC, they realized it was just as important to give area people making homemade crafts a chance to make some money. Thus, they decided to charge a small registration fee of $25 for the event.

“The registration fees we were paying were crazy-high,” Hart said. “We were paying up to $100 for a booth. How do people expect these vendors to make a living like this? With times as tough as they are right now, people are doing this to supplement their income, so we thought there had to be something we could do to help people do that.”

That meant creating the spring show with the minimal vendor’s fee. That was good news for the vendors, and it also was great news for those who visit and shop because it means there will be more vendors providing a greater variety of crafts, like handmade sewn items, handmade wood items, crocheted items, mesh wreaths and a whole lot more. In addition, there will be a few direct sales company representatives attending such as a Thirty-one consultant, a Scentsy representative and a Norwex product consultant. Most of the list will include local crafters selling their wares.

“With the low registration fee, it is going to help all of our vendors make a little money,” Hart said. “We can all use a little help right now, and shoppers should find a whole lot of variety, a little bit of everything.”

Registration for the event is Saturday, March 19, and those wishing to set up as vendors may do so by texting Jennie at 330-390-0200 or Donna at 330-473-0898.

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