D. Yoder Hardwoods latest enterprise zone agreement

D. Yoder Hardwoods latest    enterprise zone agreement

Image Credit: Dave Mast

Enterprise zone number 41 rolled across the desk of the Holmes County commissioners on Monday, April 18, and the commissioners signed the resolution agreement ushering in D. Yoder Hardwoods into the enterprise zone family.

According to Mark Leininger, Holmes County director of economic development, D. Yoder Hardwoods approached him about the zoning agreement because it had outgrown its current facility and was in dire need of expanding its operation.

The company, which manufactures furniture parts, is currently located on County Road 70.

“They are out of space at their current facility,” Leininger said. “They have a couple of buildings there and have no room to add on.”

Leininger said the company is proposing the construction of a 99,000-square-foot manufacturing facility on land they own near the facility on Township Road 164 in Clark Township near Sugarcreek.

The estimated cost for the new facility is $5.15 million, with an additional investment of $2 million on fixtures and machinery. Leininger said with the company’s proposed move taking place within the confines of Clark Township, it makes the process more streamlined.

According to Leininger, they will keep the current location, but the plan is to relocate all the existing 60 employees from the current facility into the new facility. In addition, D. Yoder Hardwoods has committed to creating six new full-time positions.

The enterprise zoning agreement will maintain the basic 50% tax abatement for 10 years and has already been presented to local school districts and Holmes County prosecuting attorney Matt Muzik.

As usual, the agreement was presented to the Clark Township trustees, who did have one major question before signing off on the deal, which they eventually did.

“They had some questions about the township road,” Leininger said, referring to the trustees’ concern about heavy use on a township road that is not built for high traffic. “There will be some increase in truck traffic on that road, and there is a corner.”

He said he is currently working with Jobs Ohio through Ohio Southeast and Bill Arnette to see if the county can locate grant funding through Ohio Department of Transportation, Jobs Ohio or both entities to help improve the roadway and make it safer.

“It’s in the works, so we will see,” Leininger said.

“With growth there comes responsibility, so we are glad to do this for them,” commissioner Joe Miller said.

With the enterprise zone agreement program designed to entice business to either come to or remain within Holmes County borders, it has proven to be a strong enticement.

“Just keep them coming,” commissioner Ray Eyler said to Leininger, referring to the financial windfall the enterprise zone agreement has been to the county.

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