Tree-identification workshop set at career cen

Tree-identification workshop set at career cen

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Ohio is a great place to find a diverse collection of trees, with more than 100 species to be found. The Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Tuscarawas and Harrison counties are collaborating with the natural resources program at Buckeye Career Center in New Philadelphia to present a tree-identification workshop on April 26 at the school.

The free event is open to anyone who would like to learn about local trees, BCC natural resources instructor John Oliver said. “Landscapers and landowners will benefit from this workshop as well.”

Dylan Stine, district technician with the Tuscarawas Soil and Water Conservation District, said the class should be of great benefit for those who want to either plant trees or learn more about those they currently care for.

“You may have forested property and be unaware of what tree species are present,” Stine said. “This workshop will help with that. You can also learn how to choose the best species of trees to plant on land which you own.”

Stine said he expects to see about 25 different tree species on the tour of trails created and maintained by natural resources students at the career center.

“We will identify the trees we see, both as saplings and as full-grown trees,” he said. “Most tree saplings look very much the same, but we can compare them with older trees to see how they diverge and mature into more distinctly identifiable trees. We will not just point them out, but try and talk a bit about each and give you a good understanding of what you are seeing.”

Stine said while the class begins at 10 a.m., he is unsure how long it will last. “Probably a couple of hours, but we’ve never done this before, so we really can’t be sure.”

Oliver said the trails will be a perfect setting for the workshop, which is geared to adults. “The students have done a really great job of creating these trails and maintaining them. A worship like this will also give a look at the work they’ve done and the many tree species we have here.”

“If you have land that is forested,” Stine said, “you can learn a little bit about how to properly identify and care for what you have. We will talk about the characteristics of different tree species, whether they are good for pollinators or for shade or how long they take to mature into their full potential.

“You may also have trees that you would like to sell and have removed. The best practice is to talk to us first. If you go straight to a logging company, they will be aware of which trees are of higher value and may offer a lower price than you are entitled to. We can help a landowner determine the value of their forested holdings so they get the price the trees are worth. We will cover things like this in the workshop.”

The tree-identification workshop is one of six tentatively scheduled for this year by the SWCDs of Tuscarawas and Harrison counties.

On May 13 the class subject will be portable sawmills, the districts’ “call before you cut” program and forestry-management practices. The May workshop also will be held at Buckeye Career Center at 10 a.m. This workshop is presented along with the Ohio Division of Forestry.

Workshops also will be held at area farms on June 10 and Sept. 13 on timber harvest selection and timber stand improvement, respectively. Further workshops are planned for Nov. 18 and Dec. 22, with locations to be determined.

Call the Tuscarawas County Soil and Water Conservation office at 330-339-7976 or the Harrison County office at 740-942-8837.

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