Area author pens romance novel

Area author pens romance novel

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A local author has released her debut romance novel, as she has fallen in love and worked hard to discover the ins and outs of the genre. Chrissy Hartmann of Wooster said she is moving away from the award-winning mystery short stories she has spent much of her life writing and is now diving in to romance, with the release of her first novel, “Rescuing Whiskey’s Salvation.”

In a press release, Hartmann explained the novel is the result of a challenge she dared herself to write — “a romance surrounded by unexpected difficulties, yet laced with humor all while attempts are made to reopen an inherited shelter,” the release states.

The novel revolves around heroine Evie May Stockton, a character Hartmann created following the stories her friends told her that eventually led her to the creation of Evie May. The release gives a brief outline of the book, explaining it is set in the town of Whiskey, Texas, following Evie May, a stubborn cosmetic heiress who is unfulfilled with her life of glitz and glamour. She soon leaves life at her mother’s Fortune 500 company for the closed down Whiskey Salvation Shelter in the suburbs of San Antonio with the desire to help.

Among the characters in the story are a troupe of clowns, a pair of blue-haired women, and the town’s favorite local cowboy, Griff Bryant.

“It’s a heart-touching story of Evie’s love for her uncle’s shelter and her newly acquired cowboy,” Hartmann said.” “Plus, the clowns. Definitely don’t forget the clowns.”

Hartmann decided to self-publish “Rescuing Whiskey’s Salvation” rather than turn to a publishing company for several reasons, with time constraints being at the top of the list.

“Traditional (publishing) has the following steps to get published: write, rewrite, proofread, edit, query, edit, rewrite, publish and some marketing,” Hartmann explained. “Self-publishing has the same steps but instead of querying, we need to find a book cover artist and we also have to do 100 percent of the publishing and marketing.”

Although going through a publisher is a simpler process for authors — publishing companies do all of the work — self-publishing a book can be a much faster process. Hartmann said going through a publishing company can take many years more of waiting for a book to come out.

In addition, when self-publishing, authors receive a 70 percent bonus, as opposed to the 30 percent they usually make when going through a traditional publisher.

“I suggest for new authors to go through the experience of pitching your book and querying for agents,” Hartmann said. “It’s a great learning process. If you’re lucky to get a traditional contract then that’s wonderful. But in the meantime, while you wait to hear from those you query, keep writing and stay organized.”

In addition to the release of “Rescuing Whiskey’s Salvation,” Hartman will soon have two more of her works released, thanks to a contest she won through the Wayne County Public Library.

Hartmann was the winner of the adult category in the 2021 Imagine Your Story summer reading program through the Wayne County Public Library. By next month, her 2,000-word fiction story, “Witch Hazel,” as well as her 2,000-word memoir, “Black Skies Midafternoon,” will be published and distributed throughout the Bookmobile and other WCPL branches for readers from across Wayne County to enjoy.

“It was a huge honor and in fact, it pushed me forward to getting my debut novel out myself,” she said. “There are a lot of great writers out there unnoticed and with the contest through the WCPL, it gives those who always wonder if they are good enough the courage to keep going.”

With romances being the top selling genre of reading material, Hartmann has her work cut out for the foreseeable future. She plans to continue her series that has a style of “contemporary, cozy, western aspects to them, with a definite sweetheart style” until it is completed, whenever that may be.

“I have a document that has the basic outline for at least 15 other romances and a half dozen short stories that are waiting for me to write,” Hartmann said. “I have about 25 short stories written at the moment, which I am putting together as my own anthology of short stories. I would like to get it out by 2023. It will be titled “Tales from the Prickle Forrest.’”

“Rescuing Whiskey’s Salvation” is out now and available nationwide on platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Draft 2 Digital and Ingram Sparks. Visit to sign up for her monthly newsletter and to find out more about the author’s book signings, works in progress, other projects and more.

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